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SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research) EUROPA Congress 2007
East, West, North and South: Culture’s Impact on Economy, Religion,
Ecology & Politics

(25-29 April 2007, Sofia, Bulgaria)

The ELC team was the main on-site organizer of the SIETAR Europa 2007 Congress. We were pleased and proud to welcome more than 350 interculturalists with diverse professional backgrounds from all over the world.

Parallel to organizing the logistics, structuring the flow of the event and welcoming the participants, ELC offered excursions to various sites in and around Sofia. We also ensured national media coverage.

The 2007 Congress of SIETAR Europa brought together several Bulgarian cross-culturalists and motivated us to establish SIETAR Bulgaria. The ELC team played a leading role in initiating and creating the new national SIETAR group.

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