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Bulgarian Culture Bridges

ELC works with Bulgarian and foreign institutions, public sector organizations, businesses, academic institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations. In collaboration with Information and Nature Conservation Foundation we implement a variety of projects in Bulgaria and Europe. Each of them includes activities in the field of intercultural communication, research and training, as well as facilitation, mediation and coaching.

Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation, EEA Grants Fund, EU Commission, PHAR EU Program, CANON Europe, PAN Parks Foundation, Travel and Leisure US Magazine, US Norbert H. Hardner Foundation are just some of our clients and sponsors. More information about the projects.


Our Clients about Us

Debra McFarland
Debra McFarland, former USAID Mission Director for Bulgaria

"We signed up a course entitled The Bulgarian Wine Culture. This is one of the cross-cultural learning opportunities offered by ELC. This is a small company made up of bilingual adult learning specialists, ethnographers, and nature protection specialists with a love and knowledge of Bulgarian culture.

We spent a couple of hours learning about the importance of wine in Bulgaria's culture through music, dance and food. Then, we put our new knowledge into practice at Vinaria with the help of ELC's wine expert. We tasted some truly great wines and met some wonderful people. Now, when I open a bottle of good Bulgarian red wine, I know a little more about Bulgarian history and culture and know what to look for in a good Mavrud, Gamza and Misket.

It was truly an enjoyable experience and I would encourage others to participate in future cross cultural programs offered by ELC."

Joel Froese
Joel Froese, MBA Enterprise Corp

"I found ELC's cross cultural programs to be the single most valuable part of our cultural training. Svetlana and her staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and tremendously helpful. I am convinced that-in some ways-we learned more about Bulgaria than some lifelong residents of Sofia. Rural Bulgaria really is different than the cities, and unless you have a facilitator like ELC, you simply will not get a flavor for or an understanding of the country as a whole.

Best of all, most of the learning occurred as part of our excursions-it was actually fun! Each trip and associated activities were carefully planned; itineraries & briefing material were emailed to us ahead of time, but thankfully formal presentations were kept to a minimum. Instead, informal discussions and debriefings along the way proved to be just as effective and more engaging.

Some of the more memorable experience I had were: seeing life in several small towns south of Sofia, visiting and having lunch with a nearly self-sufficient farming couple, a nature hike in Rila National Park, meeting park official and hearing about his challenges in the operation of the park. I enjoyed our hands-on Bulgarian cooking lessons, and a hike in the magnificent Rila Mountains with our very own botanist (Dimitrina-ELC co-founder.) On our visit to the renowned Rila Monastery and associated religious and cultural sites we had discussions along the way about Bulgarians' attitude toward religion which was extremely insightful.

I highly recommend the services of ELC Ltd. for anyone doing business in Bulgaria or staying for an extended time."


Our Partners:

ELC is part of the Richard Lewis Communications global network. Richard Lewis Communications is a leading management training consultancy, specialising in languages, communication skills and cross-culture. Their founder, Richard D. Lewis, also has a blog.

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