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Series of orientation events to Bulgarian culture for the International Women’s Club in Sofia (December 2005 – April 2006)

Financed by: VEGA-BTD, USAID program

The goal was to present elements of the Bulgarian culture to the members of the International Women’s Club in Sofia in an interactive and enjoyable way, as well as to promote the benefits of cross-cultural training.

The events included:
The Bulgarian Wine Culture
- an interactive presentation including live performance and song and dance learning elements, 24 January 2006, Sofia.

ELC Ltd’s team presented: the Bulgarian tradition of vine-growing and wine-producing since Thracian times. The session aimed to demonstrate the cultural and traditional role of wine in Bulgarian life. Participants were also given tips on choosing the right wine and using wine in traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

From the IWC Bulletin: “In one of the coldest days in Sofia (-17 C) some members of IWC took part in a real worm event at Matti D. The Bulgarian Wine Culture presentation was organized by one of the new members of the Club – Svetlana Aladjem. The two hours event included dancing of Bulgarian folklore dances, life performance of folklore songs and tasting of selected wines and home made “banitza” and “pitka”. Most importantly the presentation provided useful information on choosing and buying Bulgarian wines as well as on some of the most curious Bulgarians’ cultural characteristics related to wine preparation and use.“

The Bulgarian Wine Culture
16 March 2006, Plovdiv Fair Town - presentation as part of the VINARIA 2006 International Exhibition.

The Bulgarian tradition of vine-growing and wine-producing since ancient times was presented to the guests of the traditional VINARIA, while tasting wines from all over the country.

Orientation to Bulgaria and Bulgarians
21 March 2006 at the Ethnographic Museum, Sofia.

The ELC team introduced the country’s nature, politics and economy and gave knowledge of the basic characteristics and quirks of Bulgarian culture. One focus was the social role of the contemporary Bulgarian woman as well as gender and family issues in Bulgaria.


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